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  • Comfort and Joy for a Hurting World


    "Comfort and Joy for a Hurting World" is a book written and illustrated by me! I just received my first books from the publishing company, this book was 2 years in the making. Shown is the cover and a few of the interior pages. The subject of the book is my story about finding God's Comfort and Joy in the midst of sorrow, loss and disappointment and is enhanced with my art and scripture. Following is an excerpt from the book:

    "Everyone has a story, created by thousands of events in each individual life. Those events define and make each person who they are, who they will become, based on their experiences and what they believe about them. Most events are day-to-day happenings that we all experience, just life in general. Others are life-changing. It is those life-changing events that can mold us for good or for destruction. This book is my story."